BOARDMAN, Ohio (WKBN) – New Year resolutions do not always have to be focused around weight loss or diets, but can be as simple as finding new ways to relax and de-stress.

At Salt Sensations in Boardman, you can find various services, all with a focus centered around salt therapy.

“Salt therapy is a natural way to clear sinuses and lungs. It’s drug free, and it really doesn’t have any side effects, other than positive side effects, so pretty much anybody can do salt therapy,” said owner Tracy Prizant.

These positive ‘side effects’ include strengthened immunity, relaxation, improved sleep and so much more.

Some services you can experience include facials, massages and now tuning fork sessions.

The tuning fork therapy is new to the Salt Sensations. It is a therapy that uses tuning forks as healing tools that utilize vibrations and sound to alter the biochemistry in the body, bringing the body harmonic balance and aligning one’s body to a calm state.

The blood and bones in the body act as great conductors of frequency that work to move the sound and vibrations through the body.

Lori Brothers, certified Yoga Instructor and Stress Management Specialist runs the tuning fork therapy sessions.

She says tuning forks work to recover the body’s ability to produce nitric oxide, a key piece that helps fight off bacteria, viruses and disease. Sessions with Lori can be in private salt rooms for 45 minutes or a 15 minute add-on when enjoying a salt room session.

There are so many services and products to try at Salt Sensations that all have great benefits and will help make 2021 a little more relaxing.