YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – It’s been a long six weeks, but Kravitz Deli on Belmont Avenue is finally serving customers again. The deli reopened Tuesday with no shortage of customers after shutting its doors in November because of a fire.

“We’re only doing a limited menu right now,” said owner Matt Rydarowicz. “There’s turkey, corned beef, pastrami, ham, Reuben’s… just basic stuff everybody loves.”

You can also still get the staples you’re used to from Kravitz like deli meats and cheeses, potato and macaroni salads, bagels, and of course, Kipfels. The hours are the same, too.

“There’s just a few things we took off the menu we can’t make right now,” said Rydarowicz. “But really, the only thing you can’t do right now is dine in.”

But not for long. Rydarowicz says everything should be back to normal in approximately two weeks. He also says the community has been a big supporter, being patient with the process of getting the doors back open.

“I got a phone call today from someone who said they were so happy to get our wedding soup again,” he said.

Kravitz Deli is located at 3135 Belmont Avenue in Youngstown. Call (330) 759-7889 or visit