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Trumbull Regional Medical Center
HEALTH CHAT USE ONLY emergency room

Trumbull Regional Medical Center is a Level III Trauma Center and is Trumbull County’s only Accredited Chest Pain Center. As a Level III Trauma Center, Trumbull has the expertise to provide rapid assessment, resuscitation, emergency operations, intensive care and stabilization of injured patients.

As an Accredited Chest Pain Center, the heart team at Trumbull Regional is trained to diagnose chest pain quickly and begin treatment as soon as possible to help prevent or even reverse muscle damage to the heart. Expert care begins the moment someone with chest pain enters the emergency room and continues through diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and follow up.

Trumbull Regional can streamline the process for diagnosis, treatment and management of patients experiencing chest pain and heart attacks, ultimately reducing door to treatment time. Through paramedics and ambulance services in the area, Trumbull Regional has the capability to transmit EKGs from the field, where they activate a team, interpret it, and take the patient directly to the cath lab from the field, bypassing an emergency room wait.

Trumbull Regional provides advanced, comprehensive emergency medicine, cardiovascular and critical care services. The hospital offers a compassionate individualized approach to emergency care. From specially trained nurses to emergency medicine physicians, we are qualified to care for patients with acute illnesses or injuries that require immediate medical attention.

The Emergency Department at Trumbull Regional has two trauma and chest pain suites, all private treatment rooms, two trauma CT scanners, five ambulance bays and a helipad. The Emergency Department also has 24-hour coverage by board certified emergency doctors and registered nurses and prompt access to general surgeons and anesthesiologists.

ED or Urgent Care?

The Emergency Department and Urgent Care often get grouped together; however, they are not the same. Urgent Care fills a gap when you become sick or injured, but your regular doctor is not available. An Urgent Care treats minor illness or injury such as headaches, cuts, sore throat, stitches and rashes. 
Steward Urgent Care of Austintown, located at 20 Ohltown Road in Austintown, treats unexpected illnesses or injury of patients of all ages that do not require a trip to the Emergency Room. The Urgent Care is open 7 days a week.

Emergency rooms are for emergency situations and treating life-threatening conditions. They are equipped and staffed for the most complex and critical needs. Hospital emergency departments provide medical care 24/7—day and night. Chest pain, bleeding, blurred vision, confusion, trauma and slurred speech are all symptoms that should be treated in an emergency room. Be sure to call 911 when experiencing any of these symptoms. 

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