YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – The aim of ONE Health Fit is to help patients achieve a healthy lifestyle and weight loss goals.

Dr. Michael Chicak, MD, is a physician at ONE Health Fit. He says multiple factors contribute to whether or not a person is overweight including medical problems, metabolism issues, or even medications. Obesity is a big factor that can affect both your home and your work life causing the inability for you to be truly present at things that are important to you.

“One of the best ways to actually measure if we are in fact obese is to measure what we call body mass index, or BMI,” said Dr. Chicak. “You can go online and simply look up a body mass index calculator. Just type in your height and your weight and it will tell you what your number is. If your number is 30 or higher, that can indicate obesity.”

If weight loss is something you are trying to achieve, Dr. Chicak says the first step to becoming part of the ONE Health Fit program is to simply call and make an initial appointment so the focus can become what is truly contributing to the weight problem.

Another thing ONE Health Fit can help with is smoking cessation.

“What we have here at the Fit Program is an intervention we have found to be very impactful and helpful in increasing a patient’s odds of success,” said Dr. Chicak. “There are many specialists involved in our programs to help the patient reach their goals.”

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