HERMITAGE, Pennsylvania (WKBN) – Many people need help with some type of hearing loss, but how do you know if what you need is covered by insurance?

Dr. Michael Rairigh is a doctor of Audiology at Hermitage Audiology. He says it all depends on the type of insurance you carry.

“Traditional Medicare never covers hearing devices,” said Dr. Rairigh. “They may cover a hearing test, but not the device specifically.”

But there are options.

“There are Medicare replacement plans that will offer you a discount on the purchase of hearing devices,” said Dr. Rairigh. “Or they may offer you a basic pair of hearing devices themselves at no cost to you.”

There are other times when someone may be able to get help from the hearing manufacturer itself or through insurance coverage that will allow a cash discount. This means the patient would have the insurance company pay a portion of the cost of the devices which ends up being a discount off the cost itself.

But there are always exceptions.

“The best thing to do is call your insurance company,” said Dr. Rairigh. “Find out if you have any coverage for hearing devices, and then call the audiologist’s office to find out if they’re taking that insurance. You can always call the audiologist’s office and ask directly too.”

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