YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) Stress is a part of life regardless of your age. The key to handling it is how we react to it. Especially when we’re trying to help children cope.

“Anxiety and stress is very common, very normal for kids and teens to experience,” said Missy McClain who serves as the Community Education Coordinator at Akron Children’s Hospital. “If we as parents are looking for ways to talk about anxiety and stress and really help kids to cope with stress, we first want to start thinking about our own stress and how we are making sure that we are coping with our experiences.”

As adults, modeling the best behaviors when we are dealing with stress will better teach children how to also cope appropriately. This also helps with ways to talk about emotions and feelings with children.

Kids may have a hard time expressing their feelings and may act differently if experiencing stress they’re not talking about. McClain says it’s important to recognize the signs in your child, but it’s also important to understand that children’s stressors are very real and need to be validated, especially if the child is being bullied. Make sure others in the child’s life such as a school counselor or coach are aware that the situation is happening.

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