HERMITAGE, Pennsylvania (WKBN) – A form of exercise that’s become more popular in recent years continues to grow.

“Yoga is the bringing together of physical postures, breathing exercises and meditation to create overall better wellbeing,” said Jackie Stewart, owner of Twisted Yoga & Barre in Hermitage. “Honestly, everybody can benefit from practicing Yoga.”

Stewart says the great thing about Yoga is that anybody can do it and it is for everybody.

“I always tell people in my classes all you have to do is be able to breathe,” said Stewart. “The physical benefits are tremendous. It helps with flexibility, well-being, reducing stress, focus, blood pressure and can stabilize blood sugar.”

Yoga is also known to have mental health benefits as well like reducing anxiety and everyday stress, helping those recovering from trauma, addiction and physical injuries.

“It helps with just about anything that someone is having a hard time dealing with,” said Stewart. “It helps recenter you. So you not only get physical benefits, but also mental benefits as well.”

Stewart says there have been recent studies on children doing Yoga in schools.

“Kids are performing better in school on tests,” said Stewart. “Over 70% perform better when practicing Yoga 20 minutes prior to taking the test.”

Stewart says if you are thinking about starting Yoga, do it.

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