An estimated 50 million Americans suffer from chronic pain that impacts their daily activities and overall quality of life. Chronic pain is a fast-growing health problem that not only affects a patient’s physical health, but also increases rates of sleep problems, stress, anxiety and depression. Unfortunately, chronic pain impacts more than the individual; it extends to family and social relationships, as well as the ability to contribute in the workplace.

This is why Southwoods Health invested over $10 million in the development of the Southwoods Pain & Spine Center, to help those afflicted with chronic pain gain access to comprehensive resources that can diagnose and provide treatment options. Conveniently located on the Southwoods campus in Boardman, this center is the largest and most capable facility of its kind in the region.

At the Southwoods Pain & Spine Center, clinical care is seamlessly coordinated to deliver faster results and better outcomes for people suffering from chronic pain. A team of expertly trained pain management specialists collaborate with physical medicine and rehabilitation physicians and spine surgeons to develop plans of care to address the unique causes of an individual’s pain. With so much at stake, good outcomes are not only about providing access to the right resources but effectively coordinating those resources as well.

The Southwoods Pain & Spine Center houses over 40,000 square feet of space that is dedicated to pain and spine services and features a specially trained staff to help patients who have been dealing with a chronic pain diagnosis.

All patients should have convenient access to high quality healthcare. This is particularly important for those suffering from chronic pain, not just in relation to how quickly they can get an office appointment but also when it comes to seeing the specialists they need. Oftentimes, patient care is delayed and optimal results not achieved when patients get referred to multiple specialists located in different offices who may not have the whole picture of their past medical history or current medical treatments.

The Southwoods Pain & Spine Center reduces these frustrations by guiding patients through the entire care continuum with a team of providers who communicate and actively manage care together, all in one location. With this type of approach, patients who do not receive the desired level of pain relief from more conservative measures can be offered alternative pain management solutions without having to leave the practice or the building.

Fellowship-trained spine surgeons, pain management specialists, orthopedic surgeons and a board-certified rheumatologist are offering appointments at the new facility. Trained advanced practice nurses and navigators assist the care team by assuming responsibility for the patient care pathway to ensure it is efficient and that follow-through is achieved during each step of the treatment plan.

As part of the Southwoods Health network of facilities, advanced imaging such as MRIs are seamlessly coordinated with Southwoods Imaging and patients requiring surgery have access to The Surgical Hospital at Southwoods, the region’s only CMS Five-Star rated hospital for patient satisfaction and clinical outcomes. For additional information on all Southwoods Health services and facilities, visit