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Hillside Rehabilitation Hospital has been a staple in the community for over 55 years, providing an array of services as the area’s first and largest freestanding hospital focused on comprehensive and experienced rehabilitative care.

Among Hillside’s many services is its Vocational Rehabilitation Program. Vocational rehabilitation provides professional, work-related services and programs to remove and/or diminish barriers to secure competitive employment within the community.

Through the program, Hillside serves a wide range of individuals—from those born with some type of disability—intellectual, physical or emotional to those who have been involved in car accidents or medical complications. They also assist individuals who may have suffered injuries that preclude them from returning to previous employment.

Vocational rehabilitation at Hillside is designed to assist individuals with developing appropriate employment goals and making realistic employment decisions that will assist them with securing and sustaining community employment.

Determinations are made based off the comprehensive vocational evaluations. The evaluations consist of written testing to evaluate academic skills, problem solving and decision-making abilities. Hands-on testing is also incorporated to evaluate dexterity and basic physical capacities. From these results, the team at Hillside works to assist the client with developing appropriate employment plans and goals for beginning or re-entering the workforce.

Programming may be customized to tailor-fit the specific needs of the referred individual. This may include acclimation to a structured work routine, development of physical stamina and endurance, improving upon basic worker traits and development of work skills.

Once completed, the client can move forward with Job Seeking Skills Training, which assists in developing a resume, job applications (online and in person) improving presentation and interviewing skills and learning job search strategies.

Summer Youth Work Program

This specialized program focuses on high school students with disabilities. The program is five weeks, consisting of a one-week class, Skills to Pay the Bills, and four weeks of hands-on work experience, providing the opportunity to develop an understanding of the demands and behaviors associated with community employment.

Program Referral

There are two primary referral sources for vocational services:
-The Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation, which works with individuals who have all types of disabilities and present with barriers to employment.
-The Bureau of Workers Compensation (BWC) refers individuals who have experienced work-related injuries and are looking to return to some form of employment.

There is no wait list to join the program and transportation services are available within a 20-mile radius for $6 per day. For more information on the Vocational Rehabilitation Program at Hillside, call 330-841-3853 or visit www.hillsiderehabhospital.org.

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