Sports Medicine at Hillside Rehabilitation Hospital

Hillside Rehabilitation Hospital and Austintown Rehabilitation Services, A Service of Hillside Rehabilitation Hospital, provides therapy and treatment for sports related and exercise injuries for patients of all ages—ranging from the school-aged athlete to the weekend warrior. We personalize all treatment plans based on the injury type and provide one-on-one therapy. The therapy program includes things like pain control modalities, therapeutic techniques, endurance and strength training, postural and body mechanics instruction, manual techniques, Kinesio taping and home exercise programs.

Most sports-related injuries occur in the beginning of the sports season or at the start of a new training program. This is due to the body being weak at the start of a new program and not yet conditioned. If a person tries to do too much too quickly this is when muscle strains and injuries typically happen. The most common causes for injury are overtraining, weakness and instability—all of which can be built up over time when training properly.

When is it time to seek care injury?

An athlete should seek medical care when their injury is not starting to improve on its own, usually within the first 24 to 72 hours of the injury happening you should start to feel some relief.

If the injury is not starting to improve, the individual should start by calling their primary care physician and scheduling an appointment to be checked out. The physician will determine the cause of injury and if physical therapy is needed to improve their injury and mobility.  For more information on sports medicine at Hillside Rehabilitation Hospital and Austintown Rehabilitation Services, call 330-884-2250.

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