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Susan DeLeo and Speech Pathologist, Andrea Pecchio, sit down on this weeks Health Chat

Communication is extremely important in our everyday lives and effective communication is essential to development. We use communication to learn, express ourselves, work and to build relationships. The inability to communicate clearly, has a physical, emotional and social impact on both children and adults. In some cases, speech language intervention may be needed and the earlier the intervention the better.

Speech therapy begins with a thorough evaluation by a certified licensed Speech Language Pathologist. The Speech Pathologist will perform a comprehensive evaluation of communication, cognitive and voice disorders. They also evaluate swallowing disorders and hearing problems in both children and adults. Speech Pathologists can also assist patients who may have issues communicating through verbal speech and help them find alternative ways to communicate.

Hillside Rehabilitation Hospital provides both inpatient and outpatient Speech Language Therapy for both pediatrics and adults. Our speech therapists work closely with neurologists, ENT’s (ear, nose and throat doctors) and other specialists to thoroughly evaluate patients and treat a variety of conditions, including: cognitive communication disorders, including memory and problem-solving difficulties; language disorders, such as aphasia; lisps or stuttering; motor speech disorders, including dysarthria and apraxia; speech conditions resulting from Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis; swallowing disorders, such as dysphagia and voice disorders, including dysphonia.

Our speech therapists provide education, support and treatment strategies to improve communication and swallowing, utilizing a range of treatment options such as:
• Cognitive retraining, following stroke or other neurological impairment, to help improve or restore a person’s ability to make decisions, reason, organize thoughts, pay attention and improve memory.
• Customized exercises designed to strengthen muscles used in speaking or swallowing.
• Electrical stimulation, such as VitalStim therapy, to improve swallowing ability by retraining motor nerves in the throat.
• Nutrition or diet modifications.
• Recommendations and training for communication devices

Hillside Rehabilitation Hospital offers Speech Therapy at two convenient locations:

Hillside Rehabilitation Hospital
8747 Squares Lane NE in Warren

Austintown Rehabilitation Services
1450 S. Canfield Niles Road

For more information on the Speech Therapy program, call 330-841-3771.

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