Hillside Rehabilitation Hospital has been providing a high level of patient care, rehabilitation and outcomes since 1963 and our top priority since the beginning has been patient safety. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic Hillside has launched the “Safe & Ready” program. As part of this program, Hillside is taking additional precautions to ensure patients can receive high-quality, compassionate care in a safe, carefully managed environment—with confidence and without fear.

We have collaborated with our highly skilled team and developed protocols based on the latest clinical evidence to ensure the safety of patients, employees and providers alike.

We have rigorous standards we follow ensuring patient safety, confidence and convenience, including:

  • Adhering to strict protocols and screening everyone who enters the facility.
  • All patients being admitted are screened for COVID-19.
  • All COVID-19 related care will take place in an isolated area on a dedicated floor, away from other patients.
  • A stringent cleaning policy has been implemented throughout the hospital and all EVS staff have had special training in it.
  • Hand hygiene stations have been strategically placed throughout the hospital.
  • A strictly controlled visitor and masking policy is in place.

On the outpatient side strict protocols have also been put into place including:

  • All outpatients are being called before their appointment and screened before entering the building.
  • Patients are asked to arrive with a mask and if they do not have a mask, we will provide one upon arrival.  
  • If possible, we ask that the patient comes alone with no visitors, so that we can limit the number of individuals coming in and out of our facilities. They are also given instruction on where to enter and exit to decrease traffic flow through the facility.
  • All staff wears appropriate PPE, including, but not limited to masks, googles and gloves.
  • There are special procedures and protocols put in place for stringent pre and post cleaning of all equipment.

For more information on the “Safe & Ready” program visit hillsiderehabhospital.org.

For more information, learn more about Hillside Rehabilitation Hospital on their website.

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