Where you choose to go for inpatient rehabilitation does make a difference in your recovery. Hillside Rehabilitation Hospital offers inpatient orthopedic rehabilitation for those recovering from bilateral knee replacement, fractured bones, single knee or hip replacements, fractured hips and amputation below the knee.

After a joint replacement many people go home that same day or one to two days after surgery. For some people, specifically those over 60, those that have other health issues or that live alone, this may not be an option and that’s where Hillside can help.

Hillside specializes in rehabilitation care for orthopedic patients and offers physical and occupational therapy three times a day for these patients. Hillside discharges more orthopedic patients to home in a shorter amount of time than the regional average—the average length of stay for orthopedic patients is 12 days and the average length of stay for joint replacement patients is 8 days. 95% of our joint replacement patients return directly home without going to a lower level of care.

Hillside has a fully licensed, professional staff of physical, occupational and speech therapists providing both inpatient and outpatient therapy. The full-time physical medicine and rehabilitation physicians see patients daily. Hillside is also staffed by registered nurses, including certified rehabilitation RN’s 24/7 with a low nurse to patient ratio and according to a recent patient satisfaction survey, over 98% of our patients would recommend Hillside to a family member or friend. After an orthopedic patient is discharged from Hillside, they are then referred to outpatient therapy. Hillside offers outpatient therapy at two convenient and accessible locations in Howland and Austintown. For more information on the inpatient orthopedic rehabilitation program, call 330-841-3726

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