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They offer a variety of services you can't find anywhere else in the Valley

CANFIELD, Ohio (WKBN) – The staff at Optimal Health and Wellness knows that it is now more important than ever to begin the journey to living a healthier lifestyle.

For some, that might mean weight loss and changed eating habits, for others it might be as simple as taking daily supplements.

For whatever your needs are, Suzanne Cavalier, NP and her staff can help guide you into living a more well-balanced, healthier life.

You can make an appointment for a consultation, where they will discuss what your health goals are.

“When we talk about New Year resolutions, a lot of people start and they say ‘you know I am going to go on a diet.’ What I like about the program here is you get to meet with a certified nurse practitioner, myself, and also a health educator. And what we do is we work together to develop a plan that is best for the patient,” said Cavalier.

The plan is created to find out what combination of healthy eating, IV drips, injections, supplements and/or fitness will help maximize your chance of reaching your wellness goals.

Though weight loss is a goal for many, Cavalier says that her practice doesn’t focus so much on your weight, but instead focusing on creating lifelong habits of health.

She says everyone makes mistakes and that to keep your resolution and goals, you cannot stop or give up.

“You can’t beat yourself up if you take a step back. You just have to take it one day at a time. You have to look at what you have done to make healthy changes, give yourself some positive feedback, and if you fail, start again,” said Cavalier.

You do not need to be a weight loss patient to benefit from the services provided by Optimal Health.

They offer a variety of services you can’t find anywhere else in the Valley. In fact, to find anything similar to what they have at their office, you’d have to travel to bigger cities, such as Cleveland or Pittsburgh.

“We look at so many different things that go into your health and we have so many different things here that are really novel for this area, that we’re hoping will take off and the community will take advantage of,” said staff member Laura Lewis, RN.

Something that you can try out are the IV drips and injections.

“IV therapy is not just something new, it’s been around forever,” said Cavalier.

It is completely safe and there are many options that can benefit your health, from boosting immunity to helping kick start metabolism.

Another new service Optimal Health just started is red and near-infrared light therapy.

Research has shown that red and near-infrared light therapy has helped patients with various skin conditions and other internal ailments.

Optimal Health also has great new skincare treatments that make you wonder if you stepped into the future.

Cartessa provided four machines to the office: Skinwave, Virtue RF, Subnovi and the Motus AX.

Skinwave is a “pressure wash for your face” that uses hydrogen therapy. The machine deep cleanses your skin, incorporating serums that are absorbed into your face, hydrating and brightening the skin.

Virtue RF is another facial machine that focuses on microneedling. This new technique eliminates the bleeding that can occur with traditional microneedling sessions (known as the vampire facial) by using radio frequency. It also cuts the length of redness post-facial drastically.

Subnovii is an FDA-approved plasma device that eliminates wrinkles in just one session. The treatment provides people with surgery-like results.

Also new to the area, pain-free laser hair removal. The machine, created by Cartessa, provides great results for all skin types.

Courtesy: Cartessa

Men also can find benefits at the office. They offer hormone replacement as well as speaking to a male nurse practitioner if that makes them more comfortable. You can call the office at (330) 720-3173 or check their Facebook for dates.

Even with all these ways to take care of yourself, you can also get tested for COVID-19 at their location and their pop-up testing site at the old Toys R Us parking lot at 317 Boardman-Poland Rd.

They use the PCR test and the rapid tests. The PCR test results come back the next day while the rapid test will be able to show results in 10-15 minutes.

For more information on testing, visit the Optimal Health and Wellness Facebook page.

A priority at Optimal Health and Wellness is providing care that will be well-rounded. The staff strives to help all their patients not only feel good, but look good too.

Well-rounded wellness is not just diet and exercise, but so much more and Optimal Health is here to help lead you into your journey to healthier living.

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