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Youngstown represented at year's biggest music event

Charles "DJ Chip Banks" Colvin from Youngstown will be at the event doing what he loves -- DJing for thousands

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) - One of the year's big music and entertainment events will be taking place this week in Austin, Texas.

Charles "DJ Chip Banks" Colvin from Youngstown will be a part of the event.

The event is The Famous South by Southwest Entertainment Festival in Austin, Texas.

He will spend the event doing what he loves -- DJing for thousands.

He got the gig by meeting people at the same event last year.

"Last year I went and the festival blew my mind. It was a great experience," Colvin said. "I networked with a lot of people. What a lot of people don't know is I auditioned for a couple tours while I was down there. I didn't land those gigs but I made some good contacts."

Last year, Colvin attended the event and worked for unofficial Southwest events -- this year it's official.

"On Thursday, I'll be DJing a day party with Hip Hop Weekly Magazine and then on Friday I'll be at a couple different events and will also be playing in a charity basketball game with good music. That's through Deaf Jam Recording," Colvin said. "On Saturday, it's the big event that I got. It's called Respect the DJ Juice and it's at the Bugalow in Austin, Texas."

Colvin said this will be one of the biggest events he's attended -- it is for most DJs.

"I've been practicing all month gearing up for it because it's a lot of eyes on you. A lot of corporate people -- a lot of people that can get your foot in the entertainment business."


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