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Injured Youngstown bar shooting suspect could face murder charge

Matt Horn, Nathan Lehota, James Santelli and Gerry Ricciutti -

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) - Tuesday, 36-year-old Daniel Harris of Youngstown remains hospitalized under guard after a Monday night shootout that left one dead and five others wounded, including Harris himself.

Police said they believe Harris shot and killed Tony Brown, 34, at the Southern Tavern Monday night.

Someone called 911 just before 11 p.m. Monday, reporting that multiple people were shot outside the Southern Tavern at 1508 Glenwood Avenue.

Witnesses told police someone ran up to a group on the side-walk outside the bar and exchanged gunfire with a person in the group. Shell casings were seen on the road and sidewalks near the bar.

Ambulances and emergency crews rushed to the scene. It was a volatile situation, as a bystander began screaming at police to shut the bar down, saying there had been too many shootings in the area. Someone else escorted that man away from the scene.

Police think that Harris suspected Brown of shooting and killing his relative, Thomas Owens, over the weekend, and so he opened fire on him. However, Police believe that Brown did not kill Owens but rather that he was in the car with Owens and another man when Owens died.

While the survivors all remain hospitalized, two of them in critical condition, Harris is expected to face murder and other charges when he's released.

Youngstown Mayor John McNally told WKBN the bar has not been a trouble spot, thinking this is an isolated incident.

"We still have a couple abandoned buildings and properties that need to come down... But I don't think this is an issue that anybody in general should be scared about," McNally said about the bar.

This is not the first time police have responded to the Southern Tavern. Just two months ago, police arrested the tavern owner for waving a gun in a customer's face.

Police say a man assaulted his girlfriend inside the bar last year and then crashed his car at Midlothian Boulevard and Glenwood Avenue. He was charged with assault and drunk driving.

In December 2000, managers ejected two men from the bar. Police said one of them, Billy McGeorge, shot the other man twice in the parking lot. Police charged McGeorge with attempted murder.