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Two Warren homes tested for high amounts of lead in water

WARREN, Ohio (WKBN) - Two homes on Perkinswood Boulevard in Warren tested for high amounts of lead in their water last summer, but the entire city was not notified.

One of those homes had a reading of 64 parts per billion, which is about three times higher than the levels in Sebring.

It was discovered during a routine water system test. Warren's overall water test met federal standards, and just two out of 30 homes had high readings.

If over ten percent of the homes tested had lead readings above 15 parts per billion, the water district would have to notify everyone in the city. In this case, only the home owners had to be notified.

"If you have a situation where the system meets it but you have a couple of individual houses that are above standard, it's up to those homeowners to decide if they want to do something," said Ohio EPA spokesperson Heidi Greismer.

Water systems are required to test for lead periodically. New systems have to test every six months. After a certain amount of tests pass, they can be tested just once a year and eventually every three years.

Warren does not have to test its water again until 2018.

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