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Superintendent encourages social media users to report threatening posts

Students in Florida said they debated calling the police about Nikolas Cruz's violent social media posts several times but never did

WEATHERSFIELD, Ohio (WKBN) - On Thursday, the Broward County sheriff handling the Florida school shooting case said, "Don't debate calling. Call!" That was in reference to the students who say they saw violent posts from the suspect, but never reported it to police or school administrators.

The FBI was tipped off about Nikolas Cruz months ago after they believe he left violent comments on a YouTube channel.

The comments were made by someone with the username "Nikolas Cruz." Police said he made reference to killing law enforcement and being "a professional school shooter."

Cruz's classmates say he also threatened other students and bragged about killing animals on social media posts.

Police found pictures he posted, including images of him holding what appears to be a BB gun and some where he's covering his face with a kerchief and holding long knives.

Those students in Florida said they debated calling the police about Cruz several times but never did.

These are the kinds of posts local school administrators want students to look out for.

"If you have an idea there's a threat, contact your school administrators, contact your principals, your superintendent or contact somebody," said Weathersfield Superintendent Damon Dohar. "Even if you don't know how to contact them, call somebody from the school and say, 'Hey, listen, this is what I think. I don't know if it's the truth,' but that way, we can work on it."

Police say to always keep an eye out. Instead of brushing it off, they'd rather you call about something seemingly insignificant that could help them prevent a tragedy.


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