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Multiple Poland homes broken into within an hour in broad daylight

Police are warning Poland residents to watch their neighborhoods and call them if they see something unusual

POLAND, Ohio (WKBN) - Police are checking into a trio of break-ins in Poland, all of which happened within an hour on Tuesday morning.

Two happened in the township along North Lima Road and one was in the village on Route 616.

"This house was right on the road, very visible, pretty gusty, early in the morning between 9 and 10," said Poland Village Police Chief Russ Beatty.

A long time ago, everyone thought burglaries only happened in the dark of night.

One of the homes broken into recently was locked. A door was forced open and police found something interesting inside.

"It appeared once they got in the residence, moved a drawer from the bedroom into the living room, so they could see out the front window in case someone pulled in," Beatty said.

The thief only got away with some loose change and even left a $250 camera right next to the drawer.

There were two break-ins on North Lima Road.

"Normally what they'll do is knock on the door, nobody answers the door, they'll know nobody is there and they'll end up forcing their way in," said Poland Township Police Chief Brian Goodin.

If you hear somebody knock and don't want to answer, shout that through the door. That way, they'll know someone is there and you can call the police.

"Normally, they don't want the confrontation because then [the homeowner] can identify them and get some pictures out and have the chance of getting caught," Goodin said.

During one of the township break-ins, some jewelry was stolen from one house and jewelry boxes were moved at the other home.

The village checked with the township to see if the break-ins looked similar and they did.

Police are warning residents to watch their neighborhoods and if they see an unfamiliar person or something unusual, to call them. Most of the time, police get a call after it's too late.

"Well, 'I saw this guy yesterday or two days ago and I didn't think anything of it but then I heard my neighbor got the house kicked in.' If you know your neighbor and you know someone's not supposed to be around there, just call," Goodin said.

Their best advice is to keep your house locked, keep an eye on your neighbors, and tell your closest neighbors when you're away.


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