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Handel's goes mobile and brings ice cream to you for a special day

BOARDMAN, Ohio (WKBN) -- For 70-years, if you wanted Handel's ice cream, you either got in the car or walked to the nearest location.

Not anymore! Handel's has gone mobile!

The Ice cream and yogurt specialists showed off the new truck Saturday at the Community Day in Boardman.

The mobile unit will be used for corporate events and celebrations, and you can even rent it for your special day. But there is some advice if you spot it out on the road.

"We can't drive up and down 224 without people yelling and screaming and waving out the windows trying to tell us to stop, pull over. You got ice cream in the truck, we'd like some ice cream. But right now if you see the truck don't jump out in front of the truck, just go to one of our stores," said Jim Brown, Handel's Ice Cream Chief Operating Officer.

Handel's will take the truck to Akron Children's Hospital so kids can get their favorite flavor for free!.

And, the truck will also make stops at homeless shelters again for free!

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