Georgia soldier wins gold at Tokyo Olympics

Japan 2020

FORT BENNING, GA (WRBL) – First Lieutenant Amber English, in her Olympic debut, was able to capture the gold medal in women’s skeet shooting. This incredible moment still hasn’t sunk in for English.

“I was like I just can’t believe this is mine. Like, this match is over and this is everything that I have worked so hard for. I don’t think I’ve ever worked harder for anything in my life. To be holding it and to leave the range I was like, ‘Wow!'” English said.

Every athlete dreams of standing on top of the Olympic podium. When this dream became reality for this soldier, it was an overwhelming feeling.

“You know, it’s just accomplishing a dream that I’ve had for forever. So to actually see our flag go on top of the flag pole is just unbelievable and I was speechless,” English said.

The Colorado Springs native has honed her craft all her life, but even for her, the Olympic stage was intimidating.

“You know, I thought I had felt pressure until I stepped onto that range and for the first competition day I could actually feel my leg shake. So I was like wow, this is totally new and I need to get it together like right now,” English said.

Her tactic to refocus and stay calm was to think about her training grounds in West Georgia.

“I just tried to take it back to being in Fort Benning. When the announcers were speaking English, I just kept telling myself, ‘Hey, I’m at the Fort Benning open and this is crazy,'” English said.

Lt. English is back in the United States after winning gold for the Stars and Stripes. She accomplished her mission to win gold in Tokyo, and she was honored to represent the U.S. Army on the world stage.

“You know, to be able to blend Team U.S.A. with the U.S. Army there really is nothing better than that. We are the best fighting force in the world so it’s unbelievable to blend the two,” English said.

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