(WKBN) – With the snow piling up, it’s led to people having to call off work, causing others to have to wait to be relieved.

Jessica Sanchez is a local nurse. She started her shift at 7 p.m. Sunday. Monday morning the person who was supposed to come in and relieve her couldn’t make it because of the snow.

Sanchez had to wait several hours for her supervisor to make it in.

However, once she was relieved, she said the parking lot wasn’t plowed. So she had to leave her car there, stuck in the snow. Sanchez said she called for a ride, but that person also got stuck twice on their way to get her.

Others have taken to social media sharing how they either can’t make it into work or are stuck at work because there’s no one there to take over.

All over the Valley, vehicles are stuck on the side of roads, middle of roads and on the highways.

Road crews are out trying to catch up after heavy snowfall overnight and into Monday that left many roads impassable.

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