STRUTHERS, Ohio (WKBN) — The Struthers Municipal Court announced the beginning of a new amnesty program on Friday geared toward people with active warrants on non-jailable offenses.

The initiative, under the leadership of Judge Jennifer Ciccone, aims to provide a resolution for people facing warrants for non-jailable offenses, such as traffic matters or those involving non-violent offenses. The program allows individuals to voluntarily turn themselves in on any of the eligible offenses, at which time the court will recall the warrant, issue a personal recognizance
bond and set the case for further hearing if necessary.

Judge Ciccone emphasized the importance of this program, stating, “The main purpose
of the program is to allow individuals with active warrants to resolve their cases without
the need for law enforcement intervention. We want to provide a pathway for
individuals to address their legal matters in a more accessible and streamlined manner.”

To check for an active warrant, you can visit the court’s website and click on the “Active Warrant List” located at the top of the page. The court updates its active warrant list daily to ensure accurate and timely information.

To take part in the initiative, contact Struthers Municipal Court at 330-755-1800 and the court will provide a specific day and time for individuals to report.

As of Nov. 2, Struthers Municipal Court has 1,721 active warrants.