YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) — Video from earlier Saturday shows a tree that fell onto a home on Moncrest Drive.

This is near Hopkins Road on Youngstown’s West Side. As you can see, the porch appeared to take the bulk of the damage.

First News spoke to one man who saw it happen.

“It looks like a tornado. It hit that top part of the tree, right there and went down and went over that way. And that other tree, I don’t know where that part came from,” said Dennis Durrett.

Durrett says no one was home at the time.

On the city’s East side, a house and garage on Sunshine Avenue felt the effects of the weather — a tree fell on top of both. The tree caused a broken window, but it’s unknown if it punctured the roof.

And not too far away on Woodside Avenue, the wind was so strong it uprooted a tree. While it did fall on wires to the house, it didn’t hit anywhere else on the property.

Right outside of the WKBN 27 First News station near the intersection of Sunset Drive and Hollywood Avenue, a tree fell onto a Cadillac. Another car behind it also had a cracked windshield from the tree. As of 9 p.m. Saturday, crews were out there working to remove the tree from the top of the car.