This story is courtesy of our sister station WTNH in New Haven, CT.

(WTNH) – TJ Maxx is pulling a particular t-shirt from its stores and offering up a big apology after a picture of the shirt went viral online.

It all started with this tweet. @PsychoGF_ posted she found it “sickening” that the store thought it was okay to sell this shirt.

The shirt says “hang loose” on it, with a picture of a noose.

The shirt is made by a company called Tavik, which specializes in beachwear. Tavik says the saying is meant to refer to the surfing term, but with the noose on the shirt that’s certainly not the impression people got.

Tavik has now apologized for the whole thing, and pulled the shirt from all stores. TJ Maxx reports they too have pulled the shirt from all of their stores.