LOWELLVILLE, Ohio (WKBN) — No snow on the ground and temperatures this February in more 50s than 30s, and tomorrow, a record high — it’s been an unusual February to say the least.

First News stopped at Knoll Run, and just up the road, Bedford Trails, both golf courses are in Lowellville.

Usually, these courses are just doing breakfast and dinner business. Not this year. Eager golfers are taking full advantage to get out on the course.

Andrew Grischow, owner of Bedford Trails said he is ready.

“Oh, it’s fantastic. A little crisp morning, get off to a cool start. Rest of the day is sunny. Beautiful day, so if you want to make a tee time, we’re wide open,” Grischow said. “Got the greens cut yesterday, got the tees cut yesterday, trim up for the nice weather we’re having and hopefully it stays on for summer.”

Grischow went on to say they’re as busy for tomorrow as they would be in May. Call before you go, those tee times are booking up fast.