Charges filed in connection to large gathering in Warren


More than 100 people gathered April 11 for a vigil on Kenmore Avenue

WARREN, Ohio (WKBN) – Charges have been filed against 23 people in Warren Municipal Court for taking part in a large gathering earlier this month, which violated Ohio’s stay at home order.

More than 100 people gathered April 11 for a vigil on Kenmore Avenue to remember Darryl Van Jackson, who was murdered.

Police were called to the area on reports about the large crowd and that they were yelling and fighting. It took some time, but officers were able to get the group to disperse.

“If two people there had that virus, it could have went to 100 people very fast,” said detective Peter Goranitis.

The event drew the ire of Mayor Doug Franklin who said that the actions of the crowd put his officers and others at risk and promised that charges would follow.

Investigators used videos and photos on social media and from the officers’ cameras to identify the suspects.

A week and a half after the vigil, police said they have been able to identify 23 people in the crowd, thanks in part to tips from the public.

“We actually posted pictures on social media and a lot of people came forth and identified those people,” Goranitis said.

Those identified each face a misdemeanor “violations prohibited” charge. If convicted, they could face up to 90 days in jail and a $750 fine.

“It’s a law in place right now and we’re police and it’s just what we do. It’s what we have to do, especially with the coronavirus out there right now and what we’re being told about how dangerous it is,” Goranitis said.

Those charged include:

  • Juchard Duncan, 29
  • Takya Darshay Williams, 25
  • Tawana Price, 44
  • Brittany M. Washington, 32
  • Shon L. Thompson, 30
  • Robert J. Johnson, 26
  • Deana Renee Johnson, 41
  • Shawn L. Price, 41
  • Jaymes E. Gaddis, 24
  • Casey J. Fessler, 34
  • Rachel A. Moore, 33
  • Ashley J. Richards, 37
  • Shayla S. Johnson, 34
  • Dillon J. McCoy, 26
  • James D. Hall, Sr., 28
  • Tageana Lofton, 23
  • Takeara Dukes, 20
  • Alexis M. Dean, 22
  • Kara Lightner, 27
  • Ashley Frank, 36
  • Brandon Haun, 25
  • Dozie Blackmon, 31
  • Yolanda R. Adair, 32

No court date has been set for those charged.

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