Brookfield officer calms child’s fear of police


A chance encounter calmed a small boy's fear of police

BROOKFIELD TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WKBN) – A post from a police officer in Brookfield caught the attention of Trumbull County reporter Nadine Grimley. It’s a story she knew had to be told.

“I always use the line when I come to work to ‘police with a purpose.’ Think about what you are doing and make what you do count,” said Patrolman Scott Thompson.

It’s a motto Thompson lives by. Even with something as simple as a conversation with a now-smiling 5-year-old boy named Aiden. It was a chance encounter that happened Tuesday when a vehicle pulled up next to Thomspon as he was monitoring traffic by the state line.

“She told me that she was having problems with her grandson being afraid of the police and asked me if I could talk to him,” Thompson said. “He wouldn’t look at me. He would look away. He would look down, and he never smiled the entire time. He was pretty much stoic. I had a conversation with him about what we do and that we are out here for him.”

Thompson typically has a bag of toys in his cruiser, so he picked out one for Aiden

“Initially, he didn’t want to take it. I told him, ‘this is for you.’ This is the reward you get for doing the right thing and not being afraid of us,” Thompson said.

Thompson gave Aiden his business card and told him to keep in touch.

Thompson shared the story of how they met on the Brookfield Police Department’s Facebook page.
He hopes he made a positive impact on the little boy’s perception of police.

“A kid that went from a 5-year-old with almost a stoic look on their face to a kid that was grinning with a little bubble toy in his hand. That means the world to me,” Thompson said.

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