YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) — Starting this spring, people will be able to rent bicycles in Youngstown.

Local entrepreneur Ronnell Elkins has started YoGo Bike Share, a bike share business that will have multiple docking ports throughout the downtown area.

“Customers will be able to get on a bike, ride a bike around town and they can dock the bike at a different location than where they took the bike out from,” Elkins said.

YoGo Bike Share will have four docking locations, including the Youngstown Flea, CycWard Bike shop, 111 West Federal Street and the Corner of Champion and East Federal. The cycles are electric and require less effort to peddle than a regular bike.

“We see the revitalization that’s going on [in Youngstown] and we wanted to be a part of that,” Elkins said.

First Ward Councilman Julius Oliver represents the downtown area. He says the bike share will add more amenities to the city and facilitate economic growth.

“Not only do we want people to stay, we want people to come here,” Oliver said. “A lot of what builds a city is those amenities.”

Many major cities have bike share programs in place. According to the Department of Transportation, bike shares increase access to public transportation like buses.

Close to 90% of bike share stations are within a block of public transportation stops.

“You notice a renaissance of people that grew up in Youngstown that have come back to Youngstown to invest in Youngstown,” Oliver said.

“Being born and raised here, you hear so much about the negativity surrounding Youngstown,” Elkin said. “And we wanted to be a catalyst for change.”

YoGo will have two informational meetings in February and March. One of those meetings will focus on safety.