Trumbull Co. native goes on to become contributing writer for ‘Captain Marvel’ film

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In honor of International Women’s Day, we’re sharing the story of a local woman with a big connection to one of the biggest movies in Hollywood.

She lives in Los Angeles now, but Meg LeFauve is actually from Trumbull County.

“I grew up in the woods so I have a sense of adventure and imagination because I was just tromping around creating stories for myself.”

LeFauve helped write the script for the “Captain Marvel” movie.

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“Super fun and, you know, very challenging, but in the best kind of way as a writer. You know, you always want to be challenged to do better, push yourself. To be a part of Marvel is just a dream.”

But LeFauve’s successful repertoire goes far beyond “Captain Marvel.”

She was nominated for a best-screenplay Oscar for the Pixar blockbuster “Inside Out” and won an Annie Award for it. She also wrote Pixar’s Golden Globe-nominated “The Good Dinosaur” and much more.

“I continually listen to that inner drive, that inner bliss or voice or whatever you want to call it. I just kind of took some chances and risk because there always is chance and risk.”

LeFauve’s family moved from Howland when she was 16. She has only returned a couple of times but says the town shaped her into the person she is today.

“The people there, I think the realness of them and the struggle but also the joy. … It’s so much who I am in terms of the groundedness I feel.”

LeFauve says it doesn’t matter what gender you are or where you come from. If you have a dream, it’s big enough to do anything.

“People in Warren, Ohio, have perspectives. They have lives, they have wonderful stories, they have things to tell people, to share with people. So don’t ever underestimate the value of yourself and your life experience.”

LeFauve is currently writing a series for Hulu and an animated film for Netflix and Cartoon Saloon.

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