MERCER COUNTY, Pa. (WKBN) – A Mercer County realtor has goals to increase diversity in representation and in homeownership.

Fontineese Green, president of the Mercer Co. Association of Realtors, knows the pulse of real estate in Mercer County, and she can explain it simply.

“The state of real estate in Mercer County is the seller still holds all the cards,” Green said.

Home prices have risen, because the quality of homes is up, and there are not enough good homes for sale.

Green has been a real estate agent for five years and has a passion for increasing minority ownership of real estate.

“Because I know what’s it’s like to buy a home and not see anyone that looks like me,” she said.

She said that includes other areas like financing and appraisal, along with real estate agents, adding that other minority groups need to be represented more.

Green feels everybody needs an opportunity to learn about homeownership and to see themselves when buying a home.

“Let’s just be honest, like, in our culture, I didn’t grow up with learning about, you know, owning your own home, homeownership. So I think it’s important,” she said.

Green was raised by a single mother in Farrell. She found her niche with real estate, making 46 deals last year, totaling $5 million. The amount was doubled from the previous year.

This is her second year as president of the Greater Mercer County Realtors Association, the first person of color in the position.

“It’s amazing. I’m very proud of it, because that also shines a light on the culture, like you could do whatever you want to do, even though sometimes odds were stacked against you,” she said.

Green has been nominated for Realtor of the Year. She’s also working on an e-book to help new realtors be successful.