Rep. Mike Kelly keeps seat in PA’s 16th congressional district


Republican Mike Kelly will be keeping his seat as a representative for Pennsylvania’s 16th congressional district. DiNicola has conceded.


It’s been a close race, with a recent Nexstar poll showing DiNicola had a slight lead within the margin of error.

After four terms in Congress, Kelly said he’s earned his fifth.

He hasn’t been shy about his support of President Trump, who rallied for Kelly last month.

At the time, Kelly commended Trump for his “pro-growth, pro-family and pro-American policies:”

Under his administration, the American economy is winning again in every measurable way. The progress our country has seen over the past 20 months is incredible.”

Kelly has served in Congress for four terms.

The new 16th Congressional District, which consists of 700,000 people, includes all of Mercer and Lawrence counties.

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