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Election May 2019: Joseph Michael Toth

Joseph Michael Toth is running for Sharpsville School Board Director.

Name: Joseph Michael Toth
City of Residence: Sharpsville
Party Affiliation: Cross-filed
Office Desired: Sharpsville School Board Director
Facebook: Joseph Michael Toth

Why I should be elected
I should be elected because I am not afraid to speak my mind and stand up for what I believe in. I believe that every student matters. They should have the opportunity to be successful. I believe in the value of education and providing our students and teachers with the environment and the tools they need to be successful. Athletics are important as a complement to education, when they are run properly. Budget decisions are always tough, but should be made with an unbiased, transparent and reasonable approach. I worked for 30 years as a consultant, budgeting projects for PennDOT. This has given me the experience needed to make important budget decisions. I have been attending numerous school board meetings and committee meetings for the past two years. I have a good understanding of the issues at hand. Let me be the change that brings progress to our school.

Top three priorities 
1) Every student matters

2) New and creative sources of revenue

3) The value of education

I was born and raised in Sharpsville. I graduated from Sharpsville High School in 1984 and then went to a business/technical school in Pittsburgh. After graduation, I got a job as a consultant for PennDOT, which gave me valuable experiences and life lessons as I was on jobs throughout the state. My mother who worked in the Sharpsville Area School District cafeteria for 10 years, introduced me to my wife Shannon, who has been teaching at the high school for 21 years now. A few years after we had our son Drew, we decided to come home to Sharpsville to be closer to family and so that Drew could attend Sharpsville Schools. I am a supporter and have attended events for both autism and dyslexia. I am a member of the Positive Coaching Alliance. I have also attended conferences for the Pennsylvania School Board Association. I have been a volunteer for the school district. I currently work for Flynn’s tires. I enjoy the personal connections made as a driver. I look forward to making more connections with people in the school district so that I may speak up for what you believe in. I look forward to the opportunity to serve Sharpsville Area School District.

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