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They are not just a clothing store, they are people

Have you ever got that overwhelming feeling when you look at your closet and there’s just too much? Well, that was them. The only way to sell or get rid of their clothing was to take it to Goodwill, list it on Ebay or have a Yard Sale. So, on a whim, Amy, Brook and her friend made a clothing page on Facebook in 2012 to sell their clothing. Before they knew it, friends and family were getting into bidding wars over their items. The same items that was sitting in their closets for years and they sold at decent prices. With an idea, a plan and a name, they had everything they needed and so began the most incredible journey of our lives.

Amy and Brook Faulk, a mother and daughter duo, both graduated from David Anderson High School, Class of 1990 and 2009. Amy’s experience includes, Human Resources for over 20 years, marketing, finance, design, and catalog. Amy volunteers her time with local events for the Lisbon Chamber. Brook has a Business Management degree and specializes in Merchandising, Marketing, Design and photography. Brook volunteers her time as the VP of McKinley Elementary PTO and volunteers her time for local events throughout the community.

After a year of selling on Facebook, they had over 50 consignors that trusted them with their clothing. Brook with her son on the way and Amy at her Full time Human Resource job, knew they wanted to give locals a place to shop and a place where they could have pickups from their online auctions. In the Summer of 2013, Dashing Divas Boutique opened their first store front in downtown Lisbon, Ohio.

Fast forward to 2019, and to a new location, they have grown tremendously. Not only have they created a separate clothing brand that is known worldwide, but they have made amazing friends along the way including surrounding businesses. With over 700 consignors and new items arriving weekly, they have customers that drive over 2 hours to visit their store. They have become a staple in their hometown.

Over the years, they have collected clothing from consignors with their permission to donate to where is needed. They gather bags of clothing that is out of season or has been on the racks for over a year to local churches, the Christina House and house fire victims. Something that they are extremely proud of for the past seven years, is the annual Back To School Bash where they give thousands of clothing to families in the community. They both believe this is a group effort when providing these clothes to the community. They tell consignors upfront where their items are going if they do not sell and they are excited to give their items where they are needed.

Both being from Lisbon their entire lives, they wanted to have an impact. With their huge hearts, they wanted others to know they are not just a clothing store. They care about their town and the individuals that live in it. And that is exactly how Under Wraps started. With the help of the community and the Lisbon Fire Department, this is by far their greatest accomplishment. Last year, they provided 106 children in Lisbon, Ohio with a Christmas to remember. Over $10,000 worth of items collected. Sometimes people need help, and most of the time they do not want to ask for it. And that’s exactly what Under Wraps is. It’s an anonymous operation that delivers toys and clothing on Christmas Eve.

They are not just a clothing store, they are people. They are people that love their community and love everything that is has to offer. They are proud to call Lisbon their home.

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