WKBN is honoring Remarkable Women in our Valley. After dozens of submissions, we narrowed it down to four finalists.

She has the biggest family you’ve likely heard of. It’s not blood tying them together, but a stronger bond.

It’s all thanks to one selfless Youngstown woman. Meet Betty Strawderman.

“I’ll give you a home and the opportunity to be safe,” said Strawderman. “I just rescue.”

To over 400 kids, she’s better known as “Grandma”. Right now, she is currently “Grandma” to ten children.

By the time Betty was 21, she had 21 kids. Even the grown up ones still drop by.

Grandma has three rules: No drugs, go to school, be nice.

Without her guidance, many have said they would be in a foster home, on the streets or in jail.

Instead, these young people have shelter, resources and a woman who believes in them.

“I see these kids be successful learning to swim, doing well in school, making accomplishments they didn’t think they could so I get rewarded every day so why would I not be happy?,” said Strawderman.

As for “Grandma”, her family is still growing. She says she’ll keep on saving until she’s no longer needed.