YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – All month long, First News has introduced you to “Remarkable Women” in the Valley. Finally, after dozens of submissions, we have our winner.

It’s Betty Strawderman! Over several decades, she has taken in more than 400 homeless kids in Mahoning and Trumbull counties.

As our 2021 winner, WKBN is giving Strawderman $1,000. She’s putting it right back into her own charity, Betty’s Angels, which is going to help with the pandemic.

First News anchor Chelsea Spears talked with Strawderman about getting through the pandemic.

Strawderman: “Well, hello there!”
Spears: “Hi Betty, how are ya?”
Strawderman: “Good, good. Still battling the COVID. We’re getting past it though.”

The two talked virtually in early March as Strawderman’s quarantine was ending. She was tired but in good spirits.

Spears: “Oh, how ya feeling?”
Strawderman: “Pretty good today.”

Strawderman is a guardian right now to 10 kids.

“We thought we were prepared for the pandemic but our space was not a gift to us,” Strawderman said.

When one got the virus, it spread.

“You had to have 6 feet apart with the kids. It was very hard to keep them all separated,” Strawderman said.

Now, Strawderman plans to use this money to give the kids more room in the place they call home.

“We had every symptom there was. Each one rested in between then got right back up as sick as they were and worked as a team to get through it. They are just amazing kids,” she said.

Amazing kids with a remarkable grandma.

Spears: “A pandemic can’t even stop ya, huh?”
Strawderman: “No!”