(WKBN) – WKBN wants to recognize “Remarkable Women” who live here in the Valley and we need your help to do it.

I think most of us know someone who does outstanding work in their community or has gone above and beyond to just help their neighbor, or maybe their work goes a little further to the state or national level.

Now is your time to show them that their work is recognized with WKBN’s Remarkable Women award.

Samantha Villella was the 2020 winner of our Remarkable Women award.

“It’s humbling. I love my mom and my sister and they’re my ‘why,'” Villella said.

Both Villella’s mother and sister have multiple sclerosis and for years she has been an advocate for them and so many more with the disease.

“I like to be under the radar and I like that for me. I do what I do because it’s important and not for recognition,” Villella said.

But her sister, Nikki Snyder, felt otherwise.

“I said [it’s] important to get her name out there and let people know how special she is,” Snyder said.

So now, it’s your turn to nominate that special person in your life who you want to be recognized. If you go to WKBN.com, there’s a Community tab and under it, you’ll find the link for Remarkable Women.

“It was so easy. I clicked on the website, you just fill out a form and you have to do a little write-up of the person you’re nominating. So I actually had to trick my sister so I secretly asked her,” Snyder said.

“My sister had asked me for some information on what I do for the National MS Society. She said someone with MS is asking. Well, the minute she says that I never questioned her,” Villella said.

By nominating, you’re giving that person the chance to win and be featured as a top-four finalist on First News in March, which is also International Women’s Month. But, it’s more than just an award.

“I know that it’s also a role that is great for younger women and younger females to see that there are women out there that are shining bright that are using the talents they have,” Villella said.

From there, they can network with other winners of the Remarkable Women award and further their reach.

“So if you know that special woman out there, be sure to nominate them,” Snyder said.

Your nominations can be sent in until Dec. 20.