(WKBN) — First News is honoring “Remarkable Women” in the Valley — women who inspire us, impact our community and lead the charge for change in our neighborhoods. We talked with past winners whose individual missions speak volumes of their character.

“I have always felt like my calling in life is to serve people,” said 2022 winner Crystal Siembida-Boggs.

“I believe everyone should be able to live their best life, regardless of the circumstances, the obstacles or hurdles you have in life,” said 2020 winner Samantha Villella.

Two women with different callings but the same mission at heart: to empower those around them, leaving the world better than they found it.

Over the last decade, Villella has been working tirelessly to make sure that one day, MS stands for “mystery solved.” Her advocacy started when her mother and sister were both diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

“They’re my why. They’re the reason I get up every day and I advocate and I fight,” Villella said.

Her family’s nonprofit KV’s Krew helps raise important funds for the MS Society. Much like Villella, Boggs also started a nonprofit in honor of something near and dear to her heart.

“When I first came back from the military from deployment in Iraq, I realized how much receiving care packages was of benefit. My husband and I started a nonprofit, the Siembida-Boggs Philanthropic Foundation,” Boggs said.

Through the foundation, they used their love of running to raise money by holding races.

“I feel compelled to make sure that other people are doing better because of someone around them,” Boggs said.

Both women remind us that anyone can be remarkable — it’s what you do behind the scenes that often matters the most.

“I like to fly under the radar and just do it,” Villella said.

“You could be a big, powerful CEO, you could be a stay-at-home mom. What’s really remarkable is if you’re giving back to your community,” Boggs said.

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You’ll see stories of four local winners during the month of March leading up to the grand winner for 2023.