(WKBN)- All month, WKBN is highlighting Remarkable Women in the Valley.

Dominique Williams is one of those remarkable women who has been transforming lives in Youngstown, one child at a time.

Shia Lowe-Miller wants to be a fashion designer one day. She’s learned how to sew, thanks to Williams.

Williams teaches Lowe-Miller and other girls life skills — things like sewing, cooking and how to budget.

“She is the person to get you out of your comfort zone, but in a good way,” Lowe-Miller said.

It’s all part Williams’ nonprofit organization, Callie’s Confidence. It’s named after her grandma.

“She was there for every step of the way, every graduation I’ve ever been through. Any time I invited her somewhere, so she was really a support system,” Williams said.

That’s what Williams wants to be for these girls. Some are in foster care, or in Lowe-Miller’s case, lost their mom.

“She’s, like, the nicest person you’re ever going to meet. You can just sit down and talk to her and she’ll listen,” Lowe-Miller said.

Each month, Callie’s Confidence teaches them a skill. They also go on an adventure.

Williams used to be in the Peace Corps. She returned home for this.

“I saw that there was a greater need for this, for our community, and so just being able to work with even our African-American and Hispanic children, there wasn’t a lot of Black counselors in this area,” she said.

Williams fills that void, and every day is hard.

“You know, I, I take on so many personalities. I take on so much trauma, I take on so much just hearing the stories and just working with them. But every day I go home and I’m like, ‘I could do it again tomorrow,'” she said.