FOWLER, Ohio (WKBN) – WKBN is honoring Remarkable Women for their work in their communities.

This week’s Remarkable Woman is known by her peers for her unconditional kindness and her everlasting giving.

Roberta Cykon, of Fowler, can often be seen around Trumbull county with a smile on her face.

“Warren and Trumbull County is my heart because that’s where I was born and raised, and it will always be a part of my heart,” she said.

Cykon is mostly known as one of the owners of Putt-Putt of Warren. It’s there where she uses her degree in social work to help those in the community.

“I was able to help a couple of single moms that were going through that needed food and clothes for themselves and their kids, even finding shelter,” she said.

It’s also at the Putt-Putt where Cykon officiates weddings each year for Putt-Wed and gives local Putt-Putt pros a space to teach community members how to play the sport. She has also mentored the youth in the juvenile justice system, using her social work skills to advocate for those in the community.

“God has given me the ability to just really have the discernment to know when people are in need, and it’s been a blessing. It’s really been a blessing,” she said.

Cykon wants to help others because she said she knows what it’s like to not have anything and to be bullied.

Cykon’s peers say she is always willing to give people her time.

“You give your time, I can never get that back. It will never come back, ever. That is the most expensive gift you can give somebody is their time,” she said.

Cykon also spends her time studying for her master’s degree in Gerontology at Youngstown State University, as well as being a mother and a wife, volunteering and helping people see their worth. She said this nomination is nice.

“I don’t do it for the recognition, but it’s awesome to know that somebody sees me that way,” she said.

Ckyon will soon graduate with her master’s degree and will continue to be a helping hand in the community.