COLUMBIANA, Ohio (WKBN)- When you think of Columbiana, a lot of people think of the roundabout and, more specifically, the clock.

It’s there because of a woman named Pat Tingle. Tingle started transforming the city in 2000 when she moved back home. She formed the Restoration & Beautification committee. One of their first projects was the clock.

“I remember the day I had my husband drive me in town. The clock was going up and I thought, ‘Isn’t that magnificent? We should have got a bigger one,'” Tingle laughed as she recalled.

Of all the things Tingle’s done with that committee, she’s most proud of Firestone Park. She helped restore Mirror Lake, improved park accessibility, replaced playground equipment, reforested the area, added pickleball courts, and resurfaced the softball fields.

Tingle is doing it in honor of her late husband and son. It’s also in Harvey Firestone’s legacy. “It’ll always be Firestone Park, you know. I’m just putting a little print on that said, I think it was important, and my family helped.”

Mary Ann Green nominated Tingle in WKBN’s remarkable women contest. She says Tingle is an inspiration.
“{Columbiana} is you know, 1,000% better because Restoration and Beautification did this work and Pat decided to gather with a friend and make a change,” Green said.

Green is also inspired by Tingle’s past. Tingle was born during the Great Depression. As an adult, Tingle became a teacher and principal. As a woman, she had to break barriers in order to get there.

“When I got into school administration, I did find it was harder for a woman to be accepted in a leadership role,” Tingle said. “I knew I had interviewed for a couple of jobs where I felt I was probably the most qualified person but I didn’t get the job. But it didn’t stop me, OK? The longer I was in, the easier it was for a woman to get where she wanted to go. And now, today those things would not have been issues at all. You meet a lot of women who are superintendents and have all kinds of administrative positions, but along the way, some of us paid the price.”

Next up for Tingle is continuing her work on the park. They will build Ida Bell Firestone’s gathering place. It will be a spot for weddings, classes, and continuing the city’s legacy.