WKBN is honoring Remarkable Women in our Valley. After dozens of submissions, we narrowed it down to four finalists.

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Women take on many roles: mother, wife, friend, daughter, sister, career woman.

Fulfilling all of those can be tough. So, being remarkable in all those areas takes someone special. It could be that you go above and beyond in every aspect of your life or that you excel in just one area.

So, what does it mean to be remarkable?

“A remarkable woman comes in many different shapes, platforms. Some people look at it as us being successful. It just depends how you’re driven,” said Michelle Garcia, of Youngstown.

We all know remarkable people and Garcia is one of them.

“I’m a mom of two, that’s first and foremost. My girls are young and my biggest ministry I try to have is my home,” she said.

Driven by her faith in God, Garcia is a leader in her church, raising funds for kids’ playgrounds and holding drive-thru prayer services during the pandemic. In her career, she works for the board of developmental disabilities.

“I know that I was created for a purpose and that first purpose is to serve and worship my Lord and savior… Then the second purpose, it should be to go and serve and make disciples. So, wherever I can share the love of Christ, whether it’s through serving, whether it’s through prayer, whether it’s encouragement, that’s what I do,” Garcia said.

Ismael Caraballo has seen Garcia’s work first hand, which is why he nominated her to be WKBN’s Remarkable Woman of 2021.

“Her compassion, her love of life, her dedication to her church, to her family, her friends. She just goes out and just exhibits everything that you wanna see with a person. She’s that type of individual that will go out of her way,” Caraballo said.

Not only does she help those with developmental disabilities through her work and serve her church, this last holiday season she and her family went caroling to brighten spirits.

“It was just something that people seemed really down around the holidays. We went out and sang some Christmas carols to people that we knew were sick or couldn’t get out as much. Sometimes it’s just taking a risk or putting yourself out there and not caring what other people think of you,” Garcia said.

Garcia doesn’t take the credit though, she says doing all that she does takes a team or remarkable women.

“I surround myself with positive people that have the same kind of mentality and the same focus and drive,” she said.