WKBN is honoring Remarkable Women in our Valley. After dozens of submissions, we narrowed it down to four finalists.

Sophia Brooks is a musical pioneer. She’s shattering glass — in more ways than one.

“Well I was the first one of color to be at the first Presbyterian church in 1960,” said Brooks.

Over the years, Sophia’s held concerts with famous artists like Sean Jones. She also came out with her own CD.

“Years ago they put a picture of me up at the Butler Art Gallery as a musician,” Brooks said.

In her 80s, Sophia earned an honorary doctorate in sacred music. She even got a proclamation from former mayor Jay Williams.

It’s not just her voice, you might also recognize her face. Sophia was the first local woman to host Expressions, an old talk show here at WKBN.

Now, she has started a scholarship at YSU for piano students, passing on her love of music for generations to come.