YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Trumbull Career & Technical Center Senior Lily Ramos has lost loved ones to cancer in the past and chose to use that as inspiration for her written PSA entry in the Tom Holden Memorial Scholarship contest.

Ramos felt she wanted to highlight the important work done for cancer patients by Yellow Brick Place with her commercial idea.

Read Lilys’s winning script for Yellow Brick Place below:

1st Runner-Up: Lily Ramos, Trumbull Career & Technical Center

Opening Scene

Dimly lit bathroom, a person diagnosed with cancer is standing at the sink. Dealing with hair loss and depression.

They look up into the mirror and notice a yellow flower in a vase on a table behind them.

Turning to look at it, they discover another one outside in the hallway,

Yellow flowers form a path that the patient follows outside until they come to a Yellow Brick Place sign.

A care provider sees them and immediately offers them help.

Care Provider
“There’s no place like Hope”

More volunteers appear offering support, wigs, head wraps, etc.

Ending Scene:
The patient is smiling, wearing a headscarf, and looks relaxed. Surrounded by people who care.

Voice Over plays over this shot:
   “You are not alone in this battle, find support at Yellow Brick Place, or volunteer to provide support today. Go to to learn more about our resources.”