NORTH LIMA, Ohio (WKBN) – South Range senior Sydney Rhodehamel had big shoes to fill – her sister was a prior winner of the WKBN Caring for Our Community Scholarship contest. It seems that scholarship success runs in the family as Sydney continued that winning tradition by showing her love for animals by supporting the Animal Welfare League.

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Out of more than 150 submissions, Sydney took third place in the 2022 WKBN Caring for Our Community Tom Holden Memorial Scholarship contest. She will be highlighted in the commercial below that you can watch on WKBN 27 throughout April and May.

Read Sydney’s winning script for the Animal Welfare League – showing the emotional reunion between a man and his adopted dog:

THIRD PLACE – Sydney Rhodehamel – South Range High School


[Wind blows as the scene fades in. Long shot shows a homeless man and a dog cuddled up together, lying against the side of a building. Camera pans over to the dog’s face as the man strokes the dog’s back. The man shakily breathes out, his breath visible in the cold air. The man moves the blanket on his legs over top of the dog]

[Extreme closeup on the dog’s eyes as they flutter to a close]


[Scene cuts to the dog opening his eyes inside an animal shelter. Inaudible talking is heard in the background. The camera slowly zooms out to show the homeless man, sadly holding his dog’s leash]



[The dog sadly looks up at his owner as the man kneels down next to him, tears running down his face. He reaches out his hand and scratches the dog’s ears]


(voice breaking)

 Love you, boy.

[Camera pans to the dog’s face in a cage, watching his owner leave. The blanket used in the first scene lays at the dogs feet]


[Scene changes to show the dog on a leash being guided by his new  family as they walk him out of the animal shelter. A little kid skips next to the dog excitedly]


[Scene cuts to show the dog and the kid in the family’s kitchen. The kid pushes a bowl of food towards the dog, but the dog lays sadly, refusing to eat]


[Scene cuts to show the kid waking up in bed. The kid glances over the side of the bed and smiles, noticing the dog lying fast asleep on the floor]


[Scene cuts  to the family’s backyard. The kid throws a frisbee and the dog excitedly chases after it, his tail wagging noticeably more]


[Scene changes to show the once homeless man in a uniform, showing that he is now employed. In the midst of helping a customer, the man looks out the window of the business he is working at and spots his old dog being walked by the new family that adopted him]

[The customers stop and watch as the man runs out of the building after them, the camera following him down the street]


(yells after them)


[The family and the dog turn around as the man catches up to them]


(catching his breath)

Hey kid, can I pet your dog?



[The man reaches out his hand and scratches the dog’s ears lovingly]


Love you, boy.

[The man, smiling, jogs back to his job. The camera pans to show the dog wagging his tail excitedly as he watches the man]



We love him too.

[Screen fades to black]


(words fade in one by one)

Rescue. Adopt. Rehabilitate. Educate.

[The Animal Welfare League of Trumbull County logo pops up underneath text]