Mom’s battle with cancer inspires Niles senior’s win in scholarship contest

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How Jordan Barrell used her real life experience to support the American Cancer Society

NILES, Ohio (WKBN) – When Niles McKinley senior, Jordan Barrell, wanted to enter the WKBN 27 Scholarship Contest, choosing what organization to write about wasn’t a hard decision.

For Jordan, her senior year was a little different from most high school students. The first day of school began with news that her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. When she decided to enter the WKBN scholarship contest, the American Cancer Society was the perfect organization to support.

Out of nearly 150 submissions, Jordan won fourth place in the 2021 WKBN Caring for Our Community Scholarship Contest. She will be highlighted in the commercial below that you can see throughout April and May on WKBN-TV 27.

Congratulations to Jordan and all our 2021 Caring for Our Community scholarship winners from Dunkin’, Window World, Farmers National Bank, Southwoods Health, Kufleitner Automotive Group and WKBN 27 First News.

Read Jordan’s winning script for the American Cancer Society, encouraging all women to get a mammogram, below:

FOURTH PLACE – Jordan Barrell – Niles McKinley High School

Scene: Woman in doctor’s office- handed a prescription.

Dr: Now you need to schedule your mammogram- you are of the age where you need to start doing this yearly.

Woman takes the prescription.

Scene – Woman walking out of the home with kids, you can see the prescription sitting on the counter.

Mom: Come on we have to get you all to practice. 

Kid 1: I need a water bottle.

Kid 2: Where are my cleats?

Scene- Woman sitting with other moms at baseball game.

Woman: Yes, I need to get my mammogram, but I can’t find time.

Woman 2: You need to make time for you and your health.

Woman 3: We’re getting to the age where we need to do this yearly.  Call and schedule your appointment.

Scene- Woman at home sitting down to watch TV with teenager.

Teenager: Mom, (holding prescription for mammogram) you haven’t done this yet?

Woman: No, there just hasn’t been time.

Teenager: (handing mom prescription and cell phone) Mom, in the time it will take to watch this show, you could have had your mammogram!

Scene- Woman getting mammogram.

Voiceover: Do you know, according to the American Cancer Society, breast cancer is the most common cancer in women, except for skin cancers.  The average risk of a woman developing breast cancer in the United States is 13%, meaning one in eight women will develop breast cancer.  Early detection helps save lives, don’t delay get a mammogram each year when your doctor prescribes one.

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