YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Commonwealth Charter Academy Senior Anneka Rudge chose to showcase how simple it is to take a step to save someone else for her written PSA entry in the Tom Holden Memorial Scholarship contest.

Rudge drew upon a personal experience in her to showcase the American Heart Association. Years ago, a neighbor knew what to do and stepped in to save a family member of Rudge’s who was in need of help.

Read Anneka’s winning script for the American Heart Association below:

3rd Runner-Up: Anneka Rudge, Commonwealth Charter Academy

[A gray, translucent screen with videos/images of people performing daily activities. Bold, red words appear as the narrator speaks. Each line is a different screen. The AHA logo remains at the bottom, left the entire time]
Narrator: Every day 1,000 Americans die from cardiac arrest.
Only half of Americans know how to perform CPR

And only one in every six of those knows how to do it properly.

[Words and gray videos/images are replaced with each of the following activities below as they are spoken]

[someone casually shopping at a grocery store]
Narrator: At the store

[people sitting in an office meeting]
Narrator: At work

[A family sitting in their home. They are smiling and happily playing a board game]
Narrator: (pause) At home

[The scene fades and transitions back into a gray, translucent screen with no videos/images. The words “Anywhere, Anytime” appear in bold red as they are spoken]
Narrator: Cardiac arrest can happen anywhere at any time.

[Moves into a scene showing people receiving education and training for CPR with the American Heart Association as the following words are spoken]
Narrator: Join the millions of other Americans each year learning hands-only CPR to double or triple the chance of survival through the American Heart Association
Go to to find our many mobile apps and courses or call 1 (800) 242-8721 [website and number appear at the bottom, left next to the AHA logo]

[A black screen with bold, red font reads the words below as they are spoken]
Narrator: Be prepared, save a life

[A black screen shows a realistic heart that beats twice quickly with a heartbeat sound effect. The AHA logo appears immediately after with the website and number listed underneath.]