MIDDLEFIELD, Ohio (WKBN) – She’s a video game lover, but TCTC junior Jayla Eastlake put all games aside to focus on the seriousness of suicide in her scholarship entry featuring the Help Network of Northeast Ohio.

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Out of more than 150 submissions, Jayla took fourth place in the 2022 WKBN Caring for Our Community Tom Holden Memorial Scholarship contest. She will be highlighted in the commercial below that you can watch on WKBN 27 throughout April and May.

Read Jayla’s winning script for Help Network of Northeast Ohio – focusing on the seriousness of suicide:

FOURTH PLACE  – Jayla Eastlake – Trumbull Career & Technical Center

Opening scene:

Messy dark living room

17 year old Girl rushes through the room wearing a big hoodie, ripped jeans with a bookbag on her shoulder and messy hair

Camera angle: Lower shot of a coffee table with alcohol bottles scattered across the top of it  and her legs walking past

Loud arguing of her parents in the background

Next scene:

The girl’s bedroom, dark with only a little bit of light shining through the thin curtains. Clothes scattered around the room.

Wide side angled shot  pointed towards the door

Girl opens the door fast, rushes in,  turns around  and softly closes the door.

Close up: Of the girl’s backside, she takes a deep breath then slowly turns to face the camera with tears streaming down her face.

Wide shot: Of the bedroom and the girl standing there looking at the ground, staring out in space, silently crying and muffled arguing in the background. Girl looks up

Close up of the girls face: she looks scared and sad, tear stains on her face as one more tear slowly rolls down

Slow motion shot of her feet (wearing dingy worn out shoes) on the floor as the splatter of the girl’s tear lands right next to them.

The shot  goes out of focus and freezes when the tear splatters. As text pops up:  Suicide is Serious. If your having suicidal thoughts Call:

List these suicide hotlines in text: 

Mahoning and Trumbull County: 330-747-2696

Columbiana County: 330-424-7767

East Palestine, Beloit, Sebring, and Western Columbiana County: 1-800-427-3606

Ashtabula County: 1-800-577-7849

Help network of Northeast Ohio is here for you. If you want to help or donate to our causes visit our website at www.helpnetworkneo.org