How Down syndrome impacts our world through the eyes of a Boardman junior’s winning commercial

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Kira Vasko took first place in the WKBN Scholarship Contest with a simple joke and a smile

BOARDMAN, Ohio (WKBN) – The Down Syndrome Association of the Valley isn’t new to Boardman High School junior Kira Vasko, she’s a volunteer for their “Buddy Up Tennis” program. For Kira, she wanted to do something for the organization and those individuals with Down syndrome, so she wrote a commercial.

With her commercial idea, Kira entered the WKBN 27 Caring for Our Community Scholarship Contest and took first place!

Working alongside individuals with Down syndrome, she explains that they are always happy, and that attitude impacts her and changes her mood as well. Kira wanted to show that in the commercial – how someone with Down syndrome can have such an impact on your life just by being themselves. She took a simple shopping experience at a grocery store and showed how someone’s day can be changed with a simple joke.

Kira’s actual commercial idea for the Down Syndrome Association of the Valley will be produced and air on WKBN-TV 27 for the rest of the year! She is also awarded a $1,500.00 scholarship for her post-high school endeavors.

You can also see Kira highlighted in the commercial below that you can watch on WKBN-TV 27 throughout May and June.

Congratulations to Kira and all our 2021 Caring for Our Community scholarship winners from Dunkin’, Window World, Farmers National Bank, Southwoods Health, Kufleitner Automotive Group and WKBN 27 First News.

Read Kira’s winning script for the Down Syndrome Association of the Valley below:

FIRST PLACE – Kira Vasko – Boardman High School

A MAN, early 40s, walks into a grocery store, talking on the phone in a heated conversation. He looks upset and gloomy.

A medium shot shows him grabbing honey off the shelf when an ELDERLY MAN accidentally bumps into him. He mutters under his breath as the Elderly Man attempts to apologize.

We transition to the Man at the checkout counter. The BAG GIRL, a young woman with down syndrome, helps bag the Man’s groceries.

BAG GIRL: “Hello there, sir! Hello, sir? Beautiful day, isn’t it?!”

MAN: “Maybe for some people.”

BAG GIRL: “It’s always a good day for a good day!”

The Man smiles at the Bag Girl as the CASHIER scans honey from his basket.

BAG GIRL: “You want to hear a joke, sir?!”

MAN: “Yea, okay.”

BAG GIRL: “Why do bees have sticky hair?”

MAN:  “Hm, I don’t know.”

BAG GIRL (in between laughs): “Because they use honeycombs!”

The Man lets out a big laugh, takes his bag of groceries and tips her $5.

The camera follows the Man as he leaves and sees the Elderly Man struggling with his bags.

He goes to help him.

We end on the Bag Girl watching the Man leave, smiling.

The screen fades to black and a phrase appears that reads “It’s not about someone’s disability, it’s about their ability to make an impact on the world around them.”

Then, “Consider impacting their world, and make a donation or volunteer to help The Down Syndrome Association of the Valley.”

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