Her interest in non-profits made this Victory Christian senior a scholarship winner

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Kendra Holloway's words highlight the Help Network of Northeast Ohio

HUBBARD, Ohio (WKBN) – Victory Christian senior Kendra Holloway had a tough choice to make when entering the WKBN 27 Scholarship Contest, she had to pick an organization to write about. With a possible future in non-profits, she selected the Help Network or Northeast Ohio because of the wide variety of services they offer to people struggling in our Valley.

Kendra knows the power of writing and used her words wisely to showcase a new perspective for the Help Network.

Out of close to 150 submissions from high school students, Kendra took sixth place in the 2021 WKBN Caring for Our Community Scholarship Contest. She will be highlighted in the commercial below that you can see throughout May and June on WKBN 27.

Congratulations to Kendra and all our 2021 Caring for Our Community scholarship winners from Dunkin’, Window World, Farmers National Bank, Southwoods Health, Kufleitner Automotive Group and WKBN 27 First News.

Read Kendra’s winning script for the Help Network of Northeast Ohio and their impact to help our Valley:

SIXTH PLACE – Kendra Holloway – Victory Christian

Narrator: Behind every struggle, there is a person.

*Family of four seated at a dinner table with dimmed lights and muted colors*

*Spotlight highlights smiling mother*

Narrator: Smiles often conceal the pain that entangles victims of domestic violence.

*Spotlight moves to laughing father*

Narrator: Laughter hides the struggle of addiction for those engulfed in substance abuse.

*Spotlight highlights entire family looking at near empty plates*

Narrator: Feelings of helplessness surround families who cannot provide the necessary nourishment for their children.

*Spotlight fades to black on one child*

Narrator: Suicide steals the ones we love from us- a life that can never be replaced. The presence of a smile or a laugh may hide the looks of despair, but silence is not saving lives.

*Previous scene rewinds. Father calls Help Network. Vivid color appears from phone and slowly expands to entire scene as narrator completes dialogue.*

Narrator: In times of crisis, Help Network of Northeast Ohio is working to aid individuals and families who need personalized support during their time of need. Through programs designed to provide food or shelter, lives are being restored. Because of the listening ear on the end of a phone line, voices are being heard. Educating individuals with information about available support is teaching people to dream again.

*Family gathers around table and enjoys a meal together.*

Narrator: Help Network of Northeast Ohio is helping individuals break out of their silence, reclaim their dreams, and live again.

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